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A part of our product range can be bought directly online using one of our web shops.
Always with lowest price guarantee and with guaranteed fast delivery. These are:

1. Kanban flow racks. Now assembled for FREE with fast delivery.
2. Roller conveyors (non-powered). The best inexpensive roller conveyor, preassembled.

These items are marked with the logo BUY NOW:

Buy from a reseller
Flow Rack flow racks are often part of a complete warehouse facility.
Buyers of our flow racks are spread across Europe.
Therefore Flow Rack BV has no extensive sales network for end users.

However, we have a reliable network of European distributors.
These resellers get our maximum support to serve you well.

You can buy the full assortment of Flowrack through any reseller:

1. Flow racks for order picking of boxes and bins.
2. Kanban flow racks, mobile or stationary.
3. Flow shelves to be built-in in pallet racks.
4. Roller conveyors, non-powered for internal transport of boxes and bins.

We are happy to get you in touch with one of our resellers in your area.
Please contact us for more information.