First-in First-out

The fifo (first-in first-out) flow rack

There is a good reason that the flow rack finds its origin in the pharmaceutical branche.
If product expiration is an issue, the fifo flow rack rules.

Fifo: The first product that has been stocked, will always be used first. So no product aging or expired shelf life.

Using the fifo method, the flow rack is restocked at the back (replenishment).
Products are taken out at the front (order picking).

Fifo guaranteed

The fifo advantage is built-in in the flow rack.
No extra effort is needed. Fifo is standard.

Lifo is also standard

Moreover, the flow rack is also suitable for lifo (last-in first-out).
If desired, even with an extra end stop at the back.

When applying lifo, the flow rack is solely used at the front.
So for restocking (replenishment) as well as removing (order picking) products.