Flow rack with roller conveyor and 3 levels

Pick side: STRAIGHT

Flow rack with roller conveyor and 3 levels
Flow rack with roller conveyor and 3 levels
Flow rack with roller conveyor and 3 levels
Flow rack with roller conveyor and 3 levels
PRO+ *Prices are exclusive of VAT
Article codeAB200R+3
Original Flowrack Type PRO+

Highest quality
For boxes and bins
Also CBL and KLT-VDA
Order picking with conveyor
Straight pick side with end stop


Trouble free and robust Flowrack flow rack with straight pick side.
Now with transport roller conveyor integrated in front of the rack.

Walk with the order box on the roller conveyor beside the rack.
It is also possible to extend the roller conveyor beyond the flow rack.
For example to connect to your packing station.

Heavy and stable profiles for decades of efficient order picking.
Durable roller tracks with massive steel axles.

As start section and as extended section.
Build your own rack length.

Roller conveyor

The height and depth of the sturdy (non-powered) roller conveyor is adjustable.
Roller length 400 mm and roller pitch 92 mm. Plastic rollers ø50 mm with ball bearings.
Safe and trouble free working environment with closed and rounded conveyor profiles.
Heavy-duty roller conveyor with a great loading capacity of 160 kg per linear meter.

Dimensions flow rack

1. Bay width (picture): 1790 mm. This is the only width with roller conveyor.
2. Depth (picture): 2005 mm. Broad choice between 1230 to 3030 mm.
3. Height (picture): 2304 mm. Choose between 2304 and 2504 mm.

Width post 50 mm.
(bay width is the measurement between the posts)

Roller tracks and guide strips are easily adjustable by hand.
Level height and slope are perfectly adjustable to your situation.

Most commonly used flow rack

Bay width 1790 mm.
Depth 1630 or 2430 mm (net storage depth 1600, 2400 mm).
Roller tracks and corner caps in the colour yellow.
Flow rack finish

All profiles of galvanized steel.
Roller tracks of your choice in yellow or black (also deliverable as anti-static)
Corner caps of your choice in yellow, black or red.
Carrier rolls roller conveyor in blue.

Boxes and bins (also CBL and KLT-VDA)

This bay width is deliverable for the following box or bin widths:
(roller carpet c/c 50 mm for >80 mm, roller carpet c/c 100 mm for >180 mm)

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